5 Ways to Better Manage Your Time

Today we're going to be talking about 5 ways to better manage your time.

Tip number one: Work Smarter, Not Harder.

What problems are you running into? What is the most obvious way to solve your problem? Is there something that you can do right now to fix this problem within the hour?

Spend a little bit more time thinking about your problem rather than just working harder on it.

Tip number two: Manage Your Fundamentals.

You'll work much more efficiently if your fundamentals are well-managed. Have you been eating well? Have you been moving, exercising? Have you been sleeping well? If you answered no to any of these, fix these things first.

Tip number three: Work During Your Best Hours.

When do you work best? When do you have the most energy? When are you interrupted the least? Spend a little bit of time thinking about your average day and what times would be best for you to work.

Tip number four: Get out of Task Debt.

List your tasks in order from closest to done to not start it yet. Knock out the tasks as fast as possible in that order. The snowball effect will soon take over and the rush you'll get from crossing off tasks quickly will make you feel great.

Tip number five: Use Timers.

Set a countdown timer for each task. Make sure you schedule enough time to finish the tasks but not more. When the timer dings for the current task, move on to the next one and start that countdown timer. We've got a great Chrome extension that does this for you automatically inside Todoist, our favorite task management app. So, click the link in the description to check it out. So next time you're about to get to work, think about this list and apply one of these tips to make your work time a little bit more efficient.