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Ukulele Sizes and Types

The soprano uke is the most common of all ukuleles. It is 20 inches long. It makes the typical classic ukulele sound.

The concert uke is bigger, both in body and neck length at 23 inches. The longer neck provides more room between the frets, making it a little bit easier to play. This too has a traditional uke sound and is a little bit louder.

Tenor ukes have been getting more popular the past few years. They have a richer sound and are 26 inches long. Tenors don't have the typical ukulele sound that people are familar with. Tenor ukuleles sound reminiscent of a classical guitar's tone. Many professional uke players play tenors.

Baritone ukes are the largest. They have the deepest and richest tone. This resembles the sound of a classical guitar. This is the least popular of all uke types. The reason being that the purpose of buying and learning to play a uke is it's smallness and distinct sound. The baritone's tuning is also different from the other sizes, like a guitar's tuning.