4 Values of the Next Generation

Today we're going to be talking about four values of the next generation.

J and I were having an interesting conversation the other day. We were wondering what is the next generation going to be like. What is our daughter Emma's generation going to be like?

She was born in 2016. That is nine years after the creation of smartphones and YouTube. How is this going to influence her and her generation? They're going to be so used to googling everything, and asking “Siri tell me this,” and just having all the information that they could ever wish for at their fingertips.

They might end up being frustrated when they don't have access to a certain piece of information. If they're at their job and they're saying, “Hey get me some stats on this,” and their colleagues are like, “We don't have those stats,” they’ll feel frustrated. Everything's online. Everything's computerized. “Why can’t you just run some kind of algorithm or program and make it happen? Why don't I have this information?” I think that they're going to have an innate need for accessibility to information.

The next quality of the next generation is intuitiveness. They are going to highly value intuitiveness in their life. They're going to be raised on the Amazon Echo and things like that. You just talk to the machine and it tells you the answer back. Things like that in their life are going to make them really value intuitive things. They're going to value that as a quality and really get upset when things aren't intuitive, because they think they should be and can be, so that's going to be one thing that is unique to that generation.

The third value of this generation is being straightforward. There's going to be so much competition for their attention that if you start to go into a lot of unimportant details that they can't relate to they're going to just tune you out. They want to have information that matters to them and once that you lose their attention they're just going to move on to something else because there is so much competition for their attention. So that's going to bring about the value of being straightforward. They're going to want to do away with any inefficiency, any fluff, and just be like, “Tell me how it is, because I need to get to the result.” Therefore, being straightforward is going to be a big deal to this generation.

The last quality that we're going to be talking about is teamwork and networking. I believe that this upcoming generation is going to be so good at teamwork and networking for several reasons. One of them is that it's easier than ever to teamwork and network with other people. Just connecting with others is so much easier than it's ever been. The next reason is, if we want to make the last generation’s work even better then it cannot be done alone. It's been possible for this current generation to be able to do some completely entrepreneurial things that have never been done before. I think it's going to be harder for this next generation with more competition, so they're going to need to use teamwork and networking even more, and it's going to be difficult to do things completely on your own. You're really going to need to work together with others if you're going to do something that's new and worthwhile and has not been done before. They're going to value teamwork for those reasons.

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