5 Reasons Every Musician Should Learn Piano

Today we've got five reasons why every musician should learn to play the piano.

The number one reason is that it helps you understand music theory. Now if you don't know music theory right now, that's probably because you don't understand piano. The piano lays out all the keys, all the notes, right in order and it makes it so easy to understand scales and chords. If you don't understand music theory well, learn a little bit of piano. Take a free trial piano lesson with us and it will help you understand it better. You don't even need to continue. Just start learning the basics of piano and then you will start to understand music theory. Then it builds on itself and the theory leads to understanding how to write songs. Start off with a little bit of piano and music theory will come second to that. It will get the ball rolling and you'll start to understand music for the very first time.

The second reason that every musician should learn how to play piano as their secondary instrument is because it's not that hard. For beginner level musicians, it is the easiest instrument to start out on. You can just move your finger and you play a note. If you're trying to play saxophone, you need to know how to move your mouth right. Trumpet’s the same way. So is any woodwind instrument. It's much more difficult to just make one note, but on piano, it's right there. It's easy, everything's laid out very easy for you to understand. It's a foundational instrument for music. If you want to learn a second instrument, I would highly recommend piano. It's easy to jump into and be pretty good at right from the beginning.

The third reason that you should learn piano as a secondary instrument is because of hand independence. Now if you are a drummer, that means that you probably have some ability to do two different things with your different hands at the same time, and that is really important. You will learn how to do that on piano, and you'll learn how to do that on drums. You might not learn that on other instruments as much. Hand independence is a skill that really is unique to both drummers and piano players. Jump into piano and you will learn how to do two different things with your hands. That's very useful. It gets you to use both sides of your brain, and you get to learn how to do two different things at the same time. That's real multitasking, and that's a difficult thing to learn.

The fourth reason to learn piano as your secondary instrument is because you will learn to read standard notation. Not every musician learns a methodical way of learning music, but when you learn piano, you very likely will learn standard notation, which is great because it's just such an amazing skill. If you've never actually tackled learning standard notation, the piano is a great place to learn it. You will learn both clefs, unlike some other instruments where you just learn one clef. You will learn both right and left hands. It's so useful to learn standard notation. Seriously, as a musician, if you don't know how to read standard notation, you're missing out. Take some piano classes or personal lessons and you will learn how to read standard notation. You'll jump over that hurdle which a lot of people just back away from. A lot of people never actually learn how to read music the right way.

The fifth (and my favorite) reason for learning piano is because it's great for songwriting. If you've never actually written songs before, it might be because you don't know how to play the piano. You'll learn how to make a great bass line in the left hand. You will learn how to make create melodies. This ties in with that whole music theory thing that I was saying before. You will learn music theory, which will help you learn what chords go great in songs, and how the flow of a song really works. Learning piano is just so important for every musician, and songwriting is my favorite reason to learn piano.

By now, I’ve probably convinced you to learn piano 😊. Take a free trial lesson with Teach 2 Teach, if you'd like to. We'd be more than happy to teach you. Even if you decide it's not for you, that's okay. Try piano. If you've never done it before, it will really revolutionize your music understanding and your music life.