Volunteering at Green Pond Chapel

We're here at Green Pond Chapel today. It is a cute little chapel in the middle of the community of Green Pond. We're here volunteering today to do some special music for the church service. Our dear friends Rich and Martha have been a part of the Green Pond community for many years. They go to the Journey Church, the same church that we attend. In the summers, they help minister here at Green Pond Chapel. We're going to be helping with the music today as their guests. 

It's an awesome thing to volunteer, and we really feel like it's a very important part of our lives. We love to volunteer using our gifts and talents. We are talented in music. We love being able to share that gift with others. 

Rich and Martha have been notable examples for us in our life. When we were engaged, hey were our premarital counselors. They've also given us a lot of advice both personally and in our business. They are splendid examples of what it means to invest in the lives of other people and give up your time to make the world a better place. I encourage all of you to find a way that you can volunteer. Find a way that you can give back and that you can make the world a better place by volunteering.