Why Do Musicians... Google Autofill

Today we are doing “why do musicians… Google autofill. autofill. 

If you've never done the Google autofill game before, it's so much fun! All you do is you go to Google, and you just type in your question. Today it’s, “why do musicians.” We then hit every letter of the alphabet one at a time and see what results come up. Then Kay and I are going to answer the questions for you so you can learn some of the most often asked questions about why do musicians. 

Why do musicians always wear black?

I think there are several reasons. One is because, if they're playing with other musicians, it's very easy to say, “hey guys let's all wear black when we go to the gig tomorrow so then we all match.” It's easy to just say let's wear black because everyone has black. The next reason is, people say that it's trimming. So, it makes them look a little bit thinner than if they're wearing a different color. Another is if they have a colorful background that they're going to be in front of, then it makes them stand out from the background. 

Why do musicians break guitars?

I think it's very simple. It's because it's cool. If you break your guitar on stage, you get a reaction from the crowd and they like the performance more. 
Why do musicians close their eyes? And I think the biggest reason is because they can hear better. When you take away one of the five senses, the others become stronger. So, musicians can really focus more on listening and being in touch with the emotion surrounding the music. 
Why do musicians date models? I don't think that's true of all musicians but I think that people are talking about more celebrity musicians. The reason that they date models is because they are celebrities. And models are often celebrities as well. So, it's kind of a good career move for them. They want to be more popular and they want to look like they're with someone attractive so they can be seen as more popular and more successful. 

Why do musicians wear ear monitors?

That is so they can hear the music. Maybe if someone is in the back is talking to them when they're on stage they can hear that. But mostly so they can hear a good mix of all the different instruments when they're on stage. 

Why do foreign musicians sing in English?

It's a very influential language. A lot of people in Europe speak English, such as the English. Also, America! people throughout different countries will learn to sing in English even if it's not their native language just so they can get a bigger audience that is willing to support them as musician. 

Why do musicians go on tour?

I think a lot of it is to expand their reach to new audiences. But also, to have their current audience be more faithful to them. You might like an Adelle song on the radio, but then if she comes to your location and then you go to her concert, you're like “oh my gosh, this is an awesome experience” then you're even more faithful and loyal to her and you'll buy more of her stuff and even go to more concerts in the future. 

The other reason is that they make more money that way. There's a lot of free music. You can hear people’s songs on YouTube for free, so it's an effective way for artists to make money by charging for people to go to their concert.
Why do musicians have rugs on stage? So that their instruments don't go slipping and sliding across the stage.

Why do musicians wear ear monitors?

We already answered that one. 

Why do jazz musicians improvise?

Simply because it's cool. It’s part of the Jazz culture to improvise. The band is just playing some chords over and over, or doing the same little riff and then one person goes off and just plays all different fun things and up and down the piano, or on the guitar. Improvisation is just part of jazz culture. And it's awesome! If you've never learned to improvise before you should ask your music teacher, if you're with Teach 2 Teach, to teach you how to improvise and they will be happy to. It's just awesome. 

Why do musicians use two keyboards?

The reason for that is so they can have one sound on one and one sound on another. Nowadays, you can just split your keyboard. There’s software that does it very easily. So, you don't really need two keyboards. You don't see it as much on stage but it is cool. Sometimes musicians are using an old antique cool keyboard, so they’ll bring that one along just because it's cool. 

Why do musicians lip-sync?

Well, we're talking about singers here, and a lot of times when people are singing on stage they're also dancing and moving around. So sometimes they lip-sync in a live concert because the quality of the song will be much better if it was pre-recorded and they can just lip-sync rather than trying to breathe and panting and everything while they're trying to sing. But if you're talking about a recorded piece like a music video, a lot of times people lip-sync because it's harder to get an excellent quality sound if you don't have a microphone in your face. Sometimes you'll see people who do music videos and they are recording live as they're shooting that music video, but you'll see the microphone. So, a lot of times when they're doing more of a story music video they'll just lip-sync instead. 

Why do musicians move when they play?

Musicians are usually very emotional people and so we get very into the music that we're playing. I think it even helps you play better when you move. Singing or playing an instrument is not just about your voice or your hands. It’s a whole-body experience. Moving helps engage you with the song that you're performing. Also, to keep the beat, musicians need to feel the rhythm and pay attention to the timing of the piece, so it can really help you do that too. 

Why do musicians need a conductor?

If you're watching a big band or an orchestra, you'll often see a conductor. The reason for that is because it keeps them in time. The conductor shows them dynamics and even emotionally shows them how to play. But if you're going to keep it down to one simple thing, it's to just keep them in time. 

Why do musicians wear ear-plugs on stage?

We talked about in-ear monitors before, but now we’re talking ear-plugs. Up on stage if they have some stage monitors that are shooting sound out towards them, it can often get loud. It's very easy for the sound guy to accidentally crank the volume up a little bit too much. It can just get loud. It's good, as musician, to bring some earplugs with you just so you can keep your hearing for the next gig. 

Why do musicians prefer analog to digital recordings?

Analog recordings, though it's much more of a hassle to record, they give you a high-quality recording. It sounds like you're live. Digital can get excellent quality too, way better than the human ear can decipher. But some people really swear by analog recordings, reel-to-reel or tape. Digital can match analog, but some people just don't believe that. 

Why do musicians quit?

I think because it's hard to make a living in music. People quit for several reasons. Just being a public figure as a popular musician could stress them out and make them want to quit. 

Why do musicians request green M&Ms?

I don't know. I didn't know that musicians request green M&Ms. But I think that green is means life? So maybe because they're very full of life, and enjoying life. …maybe? 

Why do musicians sweat on stage?

It’s very hot on stage, usually. There's a lot of bright lights and they give off a lot of heat. Also, if musicians are moving around and doing any kind of dancing in their performance, then obviously there's going to be some sweating involved. If you're an inexperienced musician, then you might be sweating because you're nervous. But that's not always the case. 

Why do musicians tape up their fingers?

It's the same reason why and athlete would tape up their fingers. When I used to do competitive slalom waterskiing, you're pulling on the handle hard and if you don't use tape, you'll eventually rip your hands up. Then your hands will start to bleed and get blood all over the place. So, if you tape up your hands, then it gives you more protection, and then you don't bleed as much. It's the same thing with drumming. When you're drumming, your sticks are in your hands rubbing in the same place, repeatedly with every single hit. If you use some tape, then you can play for longer before your hands hurt. 

Why do musicians use rugs on stage?

That’s a repeat.

Why do musicians use Vevo?

Vevo is a video hosting service created by big music corporations to host music videos only. So, if you ever see Vevo on a music video that you're watching online, that's because it's only for music videos. That's why musicians use it. 

Why do musicians use headphones when recording?

Well, you need to be listening to the other performers when you're recording. Usually you record one track at a time, so you would do the guitarist separately, the violin is separately, the vocalists separately, etc. Say I was a vocalist. I would need to be listening to the guitar part and the violin part to make sure that I'm on time. Now if I had a speaker next to me playing the music back to me, then the microphone I'm singing into is going to also pick up the violin and the guitar, and we don't want that. So, if you listen with headphones then you can hear the guitar and the violin, but the microphone will only hear your voice and you'll still be right on time. 

Why do musicians XL?

Extra-large? Is that what we're talking about? I don't understand the question. 

Why do so many musicians die young?

I think musicians in general that get famous, they get famous because they're very eccentric, which is common for musicians. Because they're so eccentric, they might do a lot of crazy things. For example, lots of them do drugs. They drive fast and get in car crashes, or just do crazy things that cause people to die young. 
Lastly, there was nothing for Z. So that is our Google autofill, why do musicians. I hope you guys enjoyed and learned something. Thanks guys.