What is Teach 2 Teach?

What is T2T Music Lessons and Tutoring

Teach 2 Teach is a network of teachers offering music lessons and academic tutoring.

Our teachers develop positive and encouraging relationships with each of their students.

Unlike our competitors, we offer in home, on site, and online lessons. This is one way we show our students how much we value them.

It's a Teach 2 Teach goal to keep our prices competitive while still paying our teachers very well. We do this by not renting or owning a building ourselves. Instead, we have several options we offer. We give students the ease and benefit of meeting in their own homes and having the teacher drive to them. We also rent rooms from churches and community centers. This allows us to give back to the community and expand our reach. We use webcam lessons to take advantage of the internet's benefits. We're even able to teach international students this way. We can reach a very large area between these three methods. 

Twice a year we hold both live and digital recitals. Click here for more recital info.

At Teach 2 Teach we encourage students to teach concepts back to their teacher. In this way, students are “learning to teach, and teaching to learn.”