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Goal-Oriented and Inspiring

  • Your students look up to you, and you use that for their own good. You have the gift of dream-casting and inspiring your students to be the best they can be. Under your guidance, your students grow to be the best they can be. You also have dreams for yourself as a music teacher and want to live up to your fullest potential.
  • To keep on your own path of growth and achieve your music teaching goals, consider joining forces with Teach 2 Teach Music. Avoid the distractions of running a business and focus on mentoring your students. Visit and see if working with a music lessons business is right for you.
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Work when you want...

As a musician, you are juggling a lot of things. Multiple bands, jobs, family, touring, etc. So, T2T teachers set their own schedule with their students. 

and where you want.

Teach in the student's home, in your home, or at one of our partner locations.

T2T manages:

  • Payments
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Problems of all kinds

You can't have music lessons without recitals.

Every music student needs to work towards a goal, our T2T recitals can be that goal for your students. Twice a year we offer both digital and live recitals so your students get to show off the awesome skills you've taught them.

Live recitals

We offer both summer and winter live recitals for our students who live in Northern NJ. They are held at the Almond Branch, where many of our lessons are held each week. 

Digital recitals

We also offer digital recitals each summer and winter for those who want to show off their talents online. We edit and post submitted videos to YouTube so we can share your student's progress with the world.