Student Expectations

1. The student needs to have his or her own instrument.
2. The student needs to be respectful of the teacher.
3. The student needs to practice and have his or her homework ready for the lesson.


Your free trial lesson will be set up for you by an admin, and then scheduling will continue between you and your teacher. 

Each pricing plan provides for weekly lessons, charged once per month. If a student would like to hold more lessons in a month than there are weeks, please contact us

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

Please contact your teacher at least 48 hours in advance when you need to reschedule (24 hours for a VIP Pro). When you talk to your teacher, set a date for the rescheduled lesson. In the event that you have to cancel within 48 hours of the lesson (24 hours for a VIP Pro), you will not be able to make up that lesson with your teacher.

Emergencies, sickness, and bad weather/driving conditions are all valid excuses for late cancellations, and the lesson may be rescheduled with your teacher.

The same goes for our teachers. If a teacher has to cancel and does not give the student 48 hours notice, they will give you your next lesson free.

To avoid losing your lesson due to schedule conflicts, we have an email reminder system that notifies you 3 days before your lesson. 

Payment System

We always start off our students with a Free Trial lesson. After this if you choose to continue with us, we will set you up with an online log-in to our system. Here you can securely input your credit/debit card info. This allows us to charge your card for each month's subscription on the 27th of the previous month.

VIP and VIP Pro subscribers will receive a 5% and 10% discount respectively.

Canceling Subscriptions Too Early

If you want to stop your 3, 6, or 12 month subscription with Teach 2 Teach before the agreed upon time, we have 2 options for you:

  1. Fix the problem. This first option is by far the most preferred. What is making you want to stop taking lessons? Is scheduling difficult? Would you like to change the locations of the lessons? Switch to webcam lessons? Change teachers? Whatever your problem is, we're here to help solve the problem.
  2. If you want to stop your 3, 6, or 12 month subscription with T2T before the agreed upon time, you may pay 1/3 of the remaining payments (or 1/3 of the payments required for the time you choose to not take lessons) to end (or pause) the contract. This will effectively fulfill your contract with T2T.

Switching Teachers

If you ever want to change to another teacher, we will try our best to make that happen for you. 

Also, if the occasion ever arises that your teacher is no longer able to teach you, we will try our best to replace him or her with another qualified teacher. If at that point you are still within your agreed upon subscription time with us, your subscription will continue with the new teacher. Your subscription will not end early just because your previous teacher was unable to continue teaching you.