Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for 3-12 months of lessons at once?

No! Definitely not. 

The 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month plans are simply commitments saying you'll be sticking with Teach 2 Teach for that length of time, but the billing is done month by month at the listed rate.

How do payments work?

We always start off our students with a Free Trial lesson. After this if you choose to continue with us, we will set you up with an online log-in to our system. Here you can securely input your credit/debit card info. This allows us to charge your card for each month's subscription on the 27th of the previous month.

VIP and VIP Pro subscribers will receive a 5% and 10% discount respectively.

How many lessons are included monthly?

The above rates include weekly lessons. The monthly price stays consistent each month regardless of how many lessons the student holds. Every 3rd month has a 5th week, which is factored into the price already.

How do you treat holidays, illness, weather, etc.?

Holidays, illness, and weather are never a problem. Let your teacher know you'd like to reschedule and decide on a time and date that work for you both. Also feel free to just extend your next lesson to be twice as long.

NOTE: You can't make up lessons once you've stopped subscribing to a payment plan (i.e., once you're not a regular student anymore. No holding a single missed lesson over a teacher's head for a year after you've stopped taking lessons with us :)

Rescheduling Examples

Let's say Steve holds lessons with his teacher Joel on Mondays. In October 2017 there are 5 Mondays. 

The 1st week, Joel and Steve hold lessons at their regular time (4 lessons left). 

The 2nd week, there's a hurricane and Joel and Steve need to reschedule at the last minute. Totally fine! So they move their 2nd lesson to Thursday that week instead (3 lessons left). 

The 3rd week, Steve is sick on Monday, so he texts Joel to reschedule. Unfortunately, Joel is busy the rest of the week. Joel and Steve decide to hold two lessons the next week. One on Monday like normal and one on Friday. (1 lesson left)

The 5th week, Joel and Steve hold their regularly scheduled Monday lesson. (0 lessons left)

What happens at the end of my subscription?

Don't worry! Your teacher will keep up with your normal schedule and your subscription will auto-renew for another 3, 6, or 12 months until you contact us to update or cancel your subscription.

Can I transfer my subscription to someone else?

Yes, if you'd like to transfer your subscription to another person you may do so, but lessons must be taken within the same time frame as the original commitment specified.