Your Church: Training the Next Generation of Worshipers

Teach 2 Teach Church Music Programs

Students become better musicians

  • Students are able to enhance their musical abilities. They can learn to lead worship at youth group, join the main worship team, or become a great Christian songwriter.

Parents can trust the learning environment

  • Parents know their children are learning music in a safe environment. Their Christian teachers become their mentors and friends.

Your church offers Christian music training

Your church can extend its reach in your community by offering a music program it couldn't achieve on its own.

excellence in worship Services

  • Your congregation receives a consistently high-quality worship experience. 
Piano and Singing Your Church New Jersey

Custom Music Programs

We'll help you choose, establish, and run the perfect program for you.

A Church Program with Teach 2 Teach includes a director and teachers who come to your location to hold music lessons for your members. A typical program includes Live Recitals or Worship Nights for your church to enjoy. 

We also offer Performances. We provide Christian musicians to perform concerts for your congregation or community outreach.

Instrument Lessons Offered:

Guitar Lessons North Jersey Church


Guitar lessons are some of the most popular lessons - and for good reason! Guitar is a beautiful instrument for worship leading in large or small settings, or enjoying at home. 

Drums Church North jersey


Drums are the backbone of the band. If your church has a worship team, offering drum lessons can greatly improve the quality of your church band.

Church Sax Lessons north jersey


Saxophone is such a great instrument in a church setting. It's beautiful as a solo instrument, or in a church band.



The flute is a beautiful instrument to offer to your congregation. It brings a sweet, peaceful atmosphere to the worship experience.

piano lessons north jersey in church


Piano is a foundational instrument. It is recommended as the first instrument a new musician should learn.  It is a key instrument in most church services and is a tool for writing new church music.

Violin Church North Jersey


Violin has been played in churches for generations! Unfortunately it has become less common. Start offering violin lessons in your church to help bring violin back to worship services.

Church Singing Lessons


It's great to be able to offer your congregation and worship team professional singing lessons. It is one of the most needed areas of training for most churches. Many church members desire to learn to sing for their own sake (and those around them during services!).

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