Kids Choir with Chloe and Alethea

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Today we're going to be talking about Kid’s Choir with Chloe and Alethea.

Hi, ladies. Thank you so much for being with us.

Thank you for having us.

Our first question for you guys is what is the Teach 2 Teach Kid’s Choir?

It's a good question. We’ve gone back and forth about what it means for each of us. Well, the Kid’s Choir, what we're hoping to make it into is a weekly choir that rehearses at a church that would cater to the children that go to the church as well as people in the surrounding communities. It would teach them obviously how to sing and to be in a choir, but also all the different performing aspects that go with all that.

How to walk onstage, how to carry yourself in front of people, but also if kids really like performing we like to give them the opportunity to say a little poem that introduces the song, different things like that to encourage people's talents and to see where it can take them.

We've even talked about doing short little comic skits that go with the main theme of the concert. But they're just a little nice interjection that helps the choir walk off the stage, but fills time.

So, it's not just going to be about singing, it's also going to teach other performance things too.

Yeah, not just singing.


So, what makes you guys feel so passionate about starting the Kid’s Choir?

I think it's the kids.

Yeah. It's really the kids.

It's the kids and knowing that when we were their age, we were involved in programs like this that really shaped who we are today.

Absolutely. We want to be able to offer that to the next generation. Not only just learning what their talents are, but also sharing their talents which goes into another aspect of this. We want to do an outreach performance not just like a home performance for the parents and friends and family, but we want to serve using teaching kids how to use their talents to bless others.

I think that is an awesome thing to teach kids and just to pass on to the kids. That's awesome.

What kind of performances will you be having besides just for the parents?

We were talking about outreach. So that would mean nursing homes. I know when we were in choirs together going and performing in nursing homes was an amazing experience for us to learn how to serve the past generations and to go and meet with them and sing for them. I think it meant so much to them but it affected all of us so much. That's something I would want to share with the Kid’s Choir. To go to nursing homes or to go to hospital venues like children's hospitals. Just go and visit people and share what you have. That means so much when you're giving your time to people. Especially during the holiday season.

That sounds great. What are you guys most looking forward specifically about the choir?

Doing it! Going to rehearsal for the first time and seeing how many boys and how many girls we have and teaching them the first song and hearing them sing together for the first time. Just knowing what we must you know work with them on and then what strengths that they do have and really honing it on that. Trying to show them you have so much to offer. You have things to learn, but you have already so much to offer and it's already beautiful. I'm excited to do that.

About what ages are you hoping that this choir will be for?

Between seven and twelve.

That's kind of a big age range, but the idea behind that is that anyone who's ten and up would kind of almost become section leaders and sort of mentor the younger kids. So, we would give them levels of responsibility and some solos.

Last question. What is the main goal of the choir?

The main goal for us is to just really encourage the kids to step out of their comfort zone, try new things, and to really discover who they are in their talents. And to not just keep that for themselves but share it. I think also going together with that, being part of a group that does that together collectively.

Sometimes doing it on your own, stepping outside yourself. Outside your comfort zone on your own is intimidating. But doing it with a group makes you feel a part of something bigger than yourself. No one counting on you.

It's the whole group of becoming this one cohesive group is such an amazing experience. The main goal is to kind of have them discover for the first time if they've never been in something like that or part of that. That for me would be an important thing.

I remember being in a choir myself and the feeling of all the voices becoming one. In especially the more intimate moments when you could hear a pin drop and feeling like I'm part of this but it's not just me. I'm caught up in something bigger than myself and I'm part of a team. That was a big learning experience for me. It opened my eyes. That kind of experience that I hadn't had before joining the choir.

It can be a very emotional experience when you're singing with that many people. Even if it's a small thing. Just singing with more than 3 or 4 people it becomes a big force. The whole voice becomes like you were saying, that one voice that comes out together.

Well, ladies, it sounds great. I'm excited for this to get started and get off the ground.

Really looking forward to it.

Well, thanks so much for doing this choir. I think that that's going to be great. So, we will let all of you guys know when we're releasing it and when you can start signing up for it. Even if it's not specifically in your area or open to your area, we will soon make more of these choirs. That's the hope, is to spread this and make more of these. So, let us know about your interest. You can comment or just give us a phone call or email. Let us know that you're interested in joining so then we can hopefully build a choir that you can join. And you can invite your friends. It will be great. All right. Thanks, guys.