Kids Choir 2017 Update

Hi everyone, I'm Chloe and I'm Alethea! We're here to talk about Christmas, and Kids Choir 2017 with Teach 2 Teach. That's right, Kids Choir! So, let's get started.

When we say Kids Choir, what comes to mind?

Kids standing in line? Hands folded? Stiff as a board? Scratch that! We have something else in mind.

Kids Choir is an interactive and engaging choral experience from ages 7 to 12. Our goal is to create a dynamic learning environment that is catered towards the kids’ talent and individual strengths. This gives a quality experience that is fun and accessible for everyone.

Children don't need any prior musical experience to join Kids Choir. Just come as you are.

Now for some details. We have two concerts planned. One is an outreach and the other is at Freedom Church during the Christmas season. Christmas!

We will be holding weekly rehearsals on Mondays at Freedom Church starting in October.

Kids Choir is about growing and sharing.

2017 Everyone! Come join us.