Chloe Nevill - Teacher Focus - Vocal, Piano, Flute Instructor NJ

Kay: Today we're excited to have one of our teachers, Chloe Nevill, in the spotlight today. Chloe thank you so much for being with us.

Chloe: Thank you for asking me.

Kay: Our pleasure. So, we have a few questions we'd like to ask you if we may. What is your favorite part of teaching music lessons?

Chloe: I feel like for me it's a two-part thing. I love meeting my students and finding out what their strengths are and building from there. Then once they've mastered a piece, I love no matter how simple the pieces, I love teaching them how to make it artistic, even if it's a simple “Mary had a little lamb” sort of piece. I want them to not only master a piece and have it to be well played, I want them to learn how to express and make it artistic, and make it something that, “cool I perfected this as my own.”

Kay: what instruments do you teach?

Chloe: I teach piano and voice and flute.

J: Chloe is a very good singer and a very good performer. You have a couple of degrees too, right?

Chloe: I have two degrees in vocal performance. Both are classically based. I've been fortunate to study with people that have taught me many unique styles. Classical, to some Broadway, to pop. It gives me a nice kind of platform to be able to help any kind of singer or performer. It's really been awesome.

Kay: What is your favorite style of music to teach?

Chloe: This is tough. I think it’s based on the instrument I'm working on if we were talking about voice, my favorite genre to teach is Broadway because that's like my bread and butter. It’s something I'm so passionate about and I just love that it tells a story and it's a way that you can communicate with people. I think that's my favorite when it comes to teaching voice. When it comes to teaching piano and flute I love to teach in the traditional style where you're learning notes and you're learning classical technique because that is a great foundation that you can springboard off toward other genres like ragtime, jazz, contemporary, and so on.

Kay: We love watching you perform your Broadway musicals and your show tunes at the Teacher Showcase last year. The duet with you and Alethea was just anything.

J: I think quite a few singers want to learn Broadway.

Chloe: Now that Hamilton's out and like these new Broadway shows suddenly Broadway is way more accessible to young people. It's really very exciting for the Broadway world.

Kay: What is your favorite thing about the Teacher Showcase coming up September 16th?

Chloe: It's hard to pinpoint it. I'm one of those people who doesn’t have favorites. Something that I'm really excited about with one of our other teachers Joel - we're doing a song from Tangled and it’s outside my wheelhouse because it's more contemporary and kind of pop, which is not something I've done a lot of work in. Also collaborating with a guitarist and making up our own arrangement and harmonies. That's been an amazing experience for me. It's challenged me, and so I'm very excited about performing that.

J: Which song is it from Tangled?

Chloe: I See the Light.

J: That is one of my favorites.

Chloe: The two characters are so good.

Kay: Now Chloe is one of the teachers who helps facilitate the Teacher Showcase. She is a main administrator of the showcase. So, thank you so much for all your arduous work with all of that.

Chloe: It's my pleasure. I just absolutely love it. The Teacher Showcase is an amazing event.

Kay: For any of you guys who do want to attend and watch our amazing teachers perform, it's open to anyone. September 16th at 7 p.m. at the Journey Church.

Kay: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Chloe: My biggest pet peeve is when I'm texting people and they don't text with punctuation. “How are you” with no question mark. I know it's like, oh so silly, but it eats away me! I'm like “do you really want to know?”

J: Well, I'm angry now! I was doing great before! lol

Chloe: Yeah, that's one of my silliest pet peeves. It just bothers me, I don't know why. Probably because my mom was really into English and punctuation growing up. So, it's ingrained.

Kay: It's different for everybody and it's often just a silly little thing. Our last question is also a fun question. What is your favorite food?

Chloe: I love Thai food so much. Anything that I've had Thai food-wise. I'm kind of a newbie to Thai food on some level. Anything I've eaten from Thai food cuisine, I just love it! It's spicy, it's sweet.

J: My favorite is Pad Thai. When I'm getting Thai food, I get Pad Thai. It's peanut butter, noodles, and soy sauce. That kind of stuff.

Chloe: It’s sweet and nutty, but also like a kick at the end. It’s delicious. It's unique.

Kay: You don't see that in a lot of other cuisines. Well, thank you so much, Chloe, for giving us a little chance to get to know you and help our students and fans get to know you better.