Fox Island Flavor Contest Results - $10 Gift Card

Today is the day that we are releasing the winner of the Fox Island Ice Cream survey!

We've had a great response from all of you. We had 74 survey responses and we're getting more every day. Thank you, guys, so much for contributing.

If you guys do keep on filling it out, we might just need to get another gift card and then reward you guys for that. Let's see what happens. We chose a random number between 1 and 74 (actually Google did) and the number is 38. So, let's see who our lucky 38th person is that filled out the survey: Phyllis Padinha! Congratulations Phyllis! She voted for mint chocolate chip as her favorite.

Mint chocolate chip is the most popular flavor with 20 votes. Cookie Monster got second place with 12 votes. Pecan Praline, that was our favorite, got third place, tied with Fox Tail - which was tied with our favorite. Fox Tail also got 11 votes. Chocolate Chip Cookie got 9 votes. Cookies 'N Cream got 5. There were 4 "Other" entries, and one vote for Cotton Candy.

Thank you, guys, so much for contributing. We really appreciate you. So, Phyllis, we're going to mail you that $10 gift card – email us your mailing address at Again, if you guys keep on filling out the survey we just might need to get another $10 gift card and give that out in the next several weeks.