Forest Therapy - Health Benefits

Emma and I are here at Jungle Habitat. It is a wonderful place to go hiking. We're going to do a video on Jungle Habitat soon. For now, we're going to talk about forest therapy.

I just read about forest therapy and it is super good for your health. It can lower your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and it significantly increases the natural killer cells produced by our immune system. These natural killer cells ward off things like infections, pathogens, even cancer.

Just gazing at a forest picture for as little as 20 minutes can reduce stress hormones. If you have a weekend to spare, spending 3 consecutive days in the forest increases your natural killer cell activity up to 50% with benefits that last up to one month. It is so healthy to both your soul and body to be out in nature, specifically in the forest.

Make sure you get outside! Enjoy some forest therapy!