What is a Job?

  1. A Job is a link between the teacher and the student.
  2. A Job tells what the teacher is hired to do for a given student.

The Available Jobs tab will show you Jobs that you may apply for (aka students you would like to take on).

If you qualify for a Job, you will be notified by text/email. But at any time you can apply for any jobs on the Available Jobs page.

Check the student's available free trial dates and times and make sure you can do one of those.


After you click Apply Now, you will see a pop up window like the one below. 

Write which date you can do for the free trial lesson, as well as why you would be a great candidate for the Job.


Current Applications shows the status of Jobs you have already applied for.

The My Jobs tab shows you your current students and what you have been hired to teach them.

Also, by clicking the + button to the right of a job you can add a new lesson (schedule calendar event).

On the My Jobs page, click on one of your jobs to access student, calendar, and lesson information for that specific Job/student.